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Developed to provide home gardening support to over 32% of residents in Cannon Ball

Wozu Vision

To create a lifeline to the land connecting past and future generations.

Wozu and a team of supporting partners successfully planted 39 home gardens this year in the community of Cannon Ball. 

The motivation to tackle this effort came from the results of the Wozu community survey, which revealed that 32% of residents wanted to learn gardening. 

When we heard that ⅓ of our members wanted to return to their roots, the board sprung into action. A program was developed where participants learned about their site’s soil and planting best practices. Gardeners also received tools and seeds, learned how to care for their plot and were made aware of harvesting timelines. 

Wozu plans to expand this program into a year-round production model where families can grow their capacities for healthy sustenance.

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