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Cannon Ball is located in the northeastern part of Sioux County on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The community is ideally situated at the confluence of the Cannon Ball River and Lake Oahe of the Missouri River. 

Just under 100 square miles, Cannon Ball is home to 943 residents. The city boasts a young and diverse population. The median age is 22.9 and the five largest ethnic groups are  American Indian & Alaska Native (Non-Hispanic) (86.2%), American Indian & Alaska Native (Hispanic) (5.51%), White (Non-Hispanic) (5.2%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (3.08%), and White (Hispanic) (0%).

Cannon Ball’s distance from commercial resources have made investments in retail and restaurant establishments rare. However, the lack of businesses also poses plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs.  

Recreation is one resource in high supply. The Missouri River and Lake Oahe are ideal for watersports and fishing. Rolling plains provide endless hiking and biking paths. And, the open prairie is perfect for trapping, hunting and foraging. 

Wozu invites visitors to experience our ancestral land, learn about our culture, meet our people and contribute to the success of Cannon Ball.

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