Explore The Growing Trail1 MINUTE

Enjoy a peaceful walk or adventurous bike ride through different scenic with easy access parking.

Wozu Vision

To create a lifeline to the land connecting past and future generations.

Enjoy scenic views along the highlighted nature trails.

Yellow Trail:

Conveniently linking the parking lots with a 1.2-mile stretch, the Yellow Trail offers a 30-minute walk or an 8-minute bike ride. Running alongside Highway 1806, this trail provides a straightforward connection for outdoor enthusiasts.

Red Trail:

The Red Trail forms a 1.6-mile loop, ideal for a 40-minute walk or a swift 10-minute bike ride. Amidst serene woods and open plains, this trail offers a subdued exploration of nature’s simplicity.

Black Trail:

Stretching 1.5 miles, the Black Trail traces the tranquil Cannon Ball river. Starting from the northern parking lot, it’s a 40-minute walk or a brisk 9-minute bike ride. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance and the soothing views of the river.

These trails provide avenues for nature lovers to engage with the outdoors. With an eye toward the Twelve-Mile Bike Trail Initiative, these routes pave the way for an active and nature-connected lifestyle, promoting the appreciation of the environment and the joy of outdoor activities.

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